Saturday, June 5, 2021

Blue Summer

Out of the night
Into the light

Out of the fright
Into the fight

Out of fear
Into gear

Out of the grief
Into relief
The relief of belief

Out of the sorrow
Into tomorrow

Out of the futile
Into the future
Where destiny
Waits for me

Out of the stress
(After the test)
Into the rest
Better and blessed

Out of regret
Into the sunset
Not done just yet

Out of the hole
To become whole

Out of the old
(Where it's cold)
Into the bold
(Where there's gold)

Out of the blue
Into the new

Out of the ties
Into the skies
Limits have died
The only way to fly

Now I know this:
It's not hopeless.

© Matt Decker

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Way to Go!

 What's UP?
Lot's UP.

Give UP?
Get UP!

A hand UP --
Stand UP.
Man UP.
Man's UP.

Beat UP?
Feet UP.
UP, feet!

Shook UP?
Look UP!
Shake it UP.
Take it UP.
Lever UP.
Level UP.

Messed UP?
Next UP.
Step UP.
Helped UP!

UP or Sit?
Rise UP

Power UP!
Higher UP.
Power through.
On fire: You!

Put UP
Shut UP.
Rise UP.
Wise UP.
Put and shut 
The "shoulds" UP.

Climb UP
Time's UP.
Time to climb

Caught UP
By thoughts of
Brought UP?

Mental is essential
(U)tilize (P)otential.

Culprit: Negativity
(U)ltimate (P)ositivity.

UPward mobility
(U)nlimited (P)ossibility.

What's UP?
Thoughts UP.
Watts UP.

© Matt Decker

Saturday, April 3, 2021

ELIAN Exists


Leery to be

Near to me

It appears

You fear me.

I'm not from the devil.

Just another level.

Galaxies are my reality.


The mentality.

You frolic with the common

And rollick in the drama.

I rock it with the comets.

Supersonic is my tonic.



My rays are


Your hopeless is my opus.

Need I a pedestal,


Extra am I.

Special. Celestial.

O' victim of Earth's system

Imprisoned by decisions


And collisions of isms --

Listen to the transmission

Of astronomically distanced


You are earthbound

And hell-bent.



I transcend it.

Transcendental is not


Vibrational is intentional.

My vision multidimensional.

I should mention


An extension of attention

To infinite dimensions.

Oh the humanity!

Let go of inanity.

It's insanity.

Your logic can be toxic.

But my vomit is atomic.

Linked distant,

We think diff'rent.

DNA in our way

As is

The Human Way.

Beyond four walls

Doors and belief

So much more

To explore

See and be.

Look at me.

© Matt Decker

Thursday, December 17, 2020

My Stery


A world built on nothing
Holds the soul from Something.

There's got to be
More for me
Than what I see
And strive to be.

Goals and gold
And what's told
Really gets old.
(The mold will never hold.)

It's hard to find much else
On the crowded shelf 
Lined with wealth and self.

Might success be a quest
For something less
Than what's spiritually best?

In the end --
To what end
Has been
The trends
And sins?

Do actions and distractions 
Impact the everlasting?

What's it all for?
More and more
I need less and less
Of the craziness and haziness 
That passes for consciousness.
I need more.

I'm losin' the illusion 
(Deluge of delusion) --
Should I refuse the refuge
Of static truth and
Automatic solutions?

I strain to explain 
The long reign of pain.
(Guess my brain is to blame.)

I don't think I asked
For the blast of my past
Or the die that was cast.

I was not born
To conform
To the norm.

I've spent so long
Trying to belong
In a place and space
That was never my home.
(All along I was wrong.)

All this -- I wish
For there to be
More to it.
The mission of my existence 
Can't be to merely 
Get through it.

How can I be content
Having used up and spent
So much time and life
On little fickle drivel
That came then went?

Crisis of identity 
Cries from within me:
"Who am I, really?
And how real can this be?"

I feel I'm about to break!
Maybe I'm just awake.

A mark of destiny 
Marked for eternity?
Questions get the best of me.

After the last chapter --
What will be the

With the mist and myths of history
Will my story remain a mystery?

©️ Matt Decker 

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Freq' Up


Words in red
In my head

Spiritually healing me
Feels really real in me

The Healer's Hertz
Heals my hurts

Accosted by loss
But found from lost
I get lost in the Cross

Limping from doom
To an empty tomb -
A light! Alive!
Suddenly revived 

Divine Delight
The Vine
The Light 

Burns in me
I turn to Thee

I was mired in the dire
Then inspired by higher fire

Caught in the wave
When I bend to pray

Shook when I look
The One adored
As Lord

Immersed in the burst
Of the Verse I put first
(and rehearse) -
The worst is reversed!

In You my conscience rests:
New view and consciousness 

My faith

Vibe rate
Of my faith
To my fate

This world seeks to weaken me
His Word speaks on a frequency 

In the Spirit 
I hear it.

©️ Matt Decker 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Thoughts Count


Substance amongst us
in abundance,
The miracle
of spiritual material.
A system of assistance
and resistance,
Twisting or kissing
our existence.

The cerebral cortex
a cathedral 
and vortex.

a collection
of connections
in the cerebral

Neurons spawn Morons
and so on.


It was imagined
and so it happened.

The thing formed

Power of Intention
Fire of Invention -
Intention inspires Invention.

I fashioned it
(and fastened it)
when I imagined it.

My real is built
to the hilt
in the direction
my affection tilts.

My world formed
or burned
by the words
and terms 
I learned.

or deception
an expression
of perception.

or destruction
by the concepts I

I conceived it
before I believed it
and I believed it
before I achieved it
and received it.

It's in my mind
before it's mine.
It's a plan
then in my hand.
I will find it
when I mind it.

(I pause for effect)
The thoughts I select
for my mind
cause the effects
that I find.

Ev'ry action
and distraction
happens from interaction
and transaction
The Law of Attraction.

Mind over Matter
Mind into Matter (see?)
The Master Factor -
Disaster or Mastery.

Belief brings relief
Generates grief.

conjures stress
conquers it.

The result 
an insult?
the impulse.

Any objection
to the projection
that your selection
will be a reflection
of your mind's reflectin'?

Shrinking Thinking?
Stinking Thinking.
I'm thinking
that my shrinking thinking
is stinking.
I'm sinking 
by my thinking.

I thought it
and brought it.
He thought it
and bought it.
She thought it
and caught it.
We thought it
and wrought it.

© Matt Decker

Monday, August 10, 2020

EFF' it!


Inked on pages of ages
Quipped from lips of sages

Easing the brain's pain and grief
Releasing the peace of relief

Moving hordes toward more and better
Removing their fetters by letters

Spark in the darkness of night
Reviving the carcass to life

Wings that bring power of flight
Lift that gifts might to fight

Hatching feats through history
Snatching from defeat, victory

Tweak for the weak and rattled
Strength for length of the battle

Weapon gripped by steppin' warriors
Resource and recourse helpin' worriers

Conquering monsters and domains
Conjuring honor and acclaim

Leveling devils and mountains
Opening hope like fountains

Propelling the failing across
The tempest-tossed waters of loss

Popping bubbles and trouble formed
By endeavors never performed

The ever better clever letters
Of a thing we name EFFort.

© Matt Decker

Blue Summer

Out of the night Into the light Out of the fright Into the fight Out of fear Into gear Out of the grief Into relief The relief of belief Out...